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      Countdown to deer day

      Friday marks the return of a "holiday" here in Upper Michigan -- It's the opening day of deer season. Hunters wasted no time buying last minute items before heading off to camp.

      Jubilee Foods in Ishpeming say hunters typically spend $150 for the weekend.

      Michael Pondo, a hunter up from Marine City, Michigan, said his list consists of "meat" and "cheese."

      "Very little vegetables," admitted Pondo.

      "My wife would be very unhappy about that," he jokingly added.

      And we can't forget beer, which seemed to be the most popular item.

      "Beer is definitely on the list to bring out to camp," said Kirk Hooper, who drove up from Madison, Wisconsin this weekend to hunt.

      Jubilee foods in Ishpeming says every year hunting season sparks a 15 percent increase in sales.

      "Itâ??s typically the second or third best week for us," said Manager Dustin Gransinger.

      Food isn't the only thing on the list. Employees at Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming say a fire in Hickies Bar cut their power, and ability to sell hunting licenses. But they turned on a generator providing enough light to sell just about everything else.

      "Even with the power out we've had an excess of 50 people," said Salesperson Todd Kauppinen.

      And with opening day being a Friday they are confident the number will increase as the day continues.