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      County Road 595 still a work in progress

      The subject of County Road 595 came up at Monday's Marquette County Road Commission meeting. CR 595 would provide a transportation route for the Rio Tinto's nickel-copper mine near Big Bay.

      The commission heard an update on the proposed road which has run into some snags of late. It would allow trucks to bypass heavily populated areas. The concerns from the EPA and the DEQ center around the impact to wetlands in that area.

      "The road commission believes that the benefits for County Road 595 definitely outweigh the minuses, and that's why we submitted an application for 595 in the first place," said Engineer Manager Jim Iwanicki.

      At this point, the DEQ has objected to the road commission's application. The road commission is working to address the concerns with the hope of obtaining a permit by the middle of July.