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      Court of appeals upholds prisoner's weapon sentence

      The State of Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the sentence of a Marquette Branch Prison inmate.

      Usamah Carswell was sentenced to two to ten years in prison after being convicted for being a prisoner in possession of a weapon. According to the court of appeals, the defendant was taken aside by a corrections sergeant who noticed something suspicious in his pocket. At this point, he was found to have a spork that was sharpened to a point.

      The court of appeals reports that he filed an appeal with the following claims:

      1. The defendant was denied his right to a fair trial by being required to wear leg shackles in front of the jury.2. The trial court erred by refusing to grant his motion to adjourn for an independent psychiatric evaluation.3. The trial court erred by denying his motion for a leave to amend his witness list.

      The appeals court decision, found here , discusses that each issue with the trial was insufficient to overturn the ruling.