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      Craft Beer Week comes to a close

      We're approaching the end of U.P. Craft Beer Week. The week has been packed with beer-related events around Upper Michigan. The craft beer industry is booming across the state. The Michigan Brewers Guild is currently reporting about 140 breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs in Michigan. A large number of those breweries have popped up in just the last five years, including two in Marquette. The Brewers Guild says that much of the demand comes from a loyalty to locally produced goods. "People in general really like feeling some attachment to a local brewery. It's nice to know what it looks like where the beer is made, to be there and smell it, to see the brewer, and make that personal connection," said Scott Graham, Executive Director of the Michigan Brewers Guild. U.P. Craft Beer Week comes to an end with Saturday's U.P. Fall Beer Festival in Marquette. Officials expect it to sell out by the end of Friday, capping out at 3,500 guests.