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      Creative solutions for Presque Isle Power Plant

      Governor Rick Snyder is continuing to work to find a solution to keep the Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette open and operating. Wednesday, during the joint governmental meeting in Escanaba, officials discussed options.

      Presque Isle Power Plant is the only generating power facility located in the U.P. and provides power to many of the local residents, explained Gladstone Mayor Joseph Maki. If shut down, U.P. residents would have to get their power from an outside source.

      Outsourcing is more expensive and not as reliable, explained officials. Currently, discussions are taking place to decide if funding for this project will come from Michigan, Wisconsin, or both.

      Director Dave Nyberg tells us why Governor Rick Snyder is proactively thinking of solutions.

      "It's a focus in terms of our ability to create more and better jobs in the region and our ability to attract investment to the region that's necessary for the growth. Power is needed for growth,â?? said Nyberg.

      Nyberg says Governor Snyder continues to keep lines of communication open with anybody who has a potential creative solution to the problem.