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      Crews respond to two-vehicle crash in Marquette

      <font size="2">Two vehicles collide on Marquette's Fair Avenue</font>

      Emergency crews responded to a two-vehicle crash in Marquette Monday afternoon.

      Police were on scene shortly after the collision of two vehicles on Fair Avenue. According to police, a Jeep Grand Cherokee began to slide sideways after the driver lost control on the icy road. The Jeep then collided with a Chevrolet Tahoe in the oncoming traffic lane.

      The driver of the first vehicle, 52-year-old Lisa Wilcox, and 91-year-old passenger, Doris Schrock, were taken to Marquette General Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries, according to the Marquette Police Department.

      The driver of the Tahoe, 36-year-old Amanda Haile, and her passenger sought their own medical treatment.