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      Crews sanding roads

      If you have been out on the roads lately, you might have noticed they are still icy and slick. Marquette county road crews can't de-ice the roads.

      Bitterly cold temperatures are creating a problem for Marquette county road crews. Officials say it's too cold for using salt to de-ice the roads.

      "Basically you're using a pound of salt to melt a pound of ice, which is impractical. It really doesn't work. It doesn't turn into a brine. When it gets to a lower temperature, it still will freeze," said Mike Harrington, Director of Operations and Maintenance at Marquette County Road Commission.

      Crews have plowed and scrapped the snow as much as possible. However, what's left behind has turned into a matted ice-packed layer making driving conditions slippery. So, they are only using sand to treat the roads.

      "Mainly try to get the hills, curves, intersections, the stop lights. The places where people have to be slowing down. The busier areas: Marquette Township, Shiras Hills, busy areas. Try to keep them with sand on them," Harrington said.

      While they don't have any other options to melt the ice, the sand provides traction for cars in the meantime.

      Even the sand is only a temporary relief until it gets blown away. For now they are waiting for warmer temps in the teens to be able to use salt.