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      Crews work nonstop on Alger County roads

      Driving conditions in Alger County have been rough.

      Officials with the Alger County Road Commission say there have been at least 16 inches of snow in the last couple of days. Plow trucks have been working nonstop since Wednesday, clearing roadways. Crews have been working 12 to 15 hour shifts. They plow 128 miles of county roads.

      Bob Lindbeck, Engineer Manager for the road commission, says highways are their first priority. However, nonstop snow makes it difficult for roads to stay clear.

      "It's snowing, at times, well over an inch an hour. Even when we are plowing steadily on the highways, people are often driving through one to three inches of snow until we are back on that highway again," said Lindbeck.

      Crews will be working constantly throughout the rest of the week.

      Officials urge you to slow down and if you can, avoid the roads.