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      Cross country bicyclist back in Houghton

      Over 70 students from Houghton Middle and High School rode their bikes to school on Friday.

      Students didn't just ride their bikes to school though, they also took a three-mile trek from school to Michigan Tech and then to Kesnter Park to meet up with Houghton native, Sara Salo.

      Salo has traveled over 5,000 miles across country, and she chose to end her School Food Tour in Houghton. The goal of the School Food Tour is to get kids interested in a healthier lifestyle.

      "The importance of a healthy lifestyle is absolutely essential for a long life, and so if you can instill that in students at a young age, it'll really become a natural habit for them, and so that's what I'm trying to promote." said Salo.

      After students met with Salo, they hopped back on their bikes and made the uphill ride back to school. As for Salo, she'll be in Houghton next week giving a presentation to students and promoting physical activity.