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      Crosswalk safety reminders

      This weekend is going to be packed with festivities in Marquette.

      Whether you're going to Blues Fest, the dog show or watching the Marquette Marathon, officers are asking you to be cautious behind the wheel.

      With all of the weekend activities, there will be hundreds of people walking the streets of downtown Marquette. Police are asking that when you're approaching any marked crosswalk, slow down and yield to pedestrians. If you're about to use a crosswalk, make sure you've made eye contact with the driver.

      "There's going to be a lot of traffic, both pedestrian, vehicle, and we can't forget bicyclists," said Capt. Rieboldt of the Marquette City Police. "We just want everybody to have a great, safe weekend. Be aware of the fact that there are lots of people in the downtown area."

      Police also stress that if you hit a pedestrian, you could face a citation, so keep an eye out for others and be safe.