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      Cruises coming to Marquette

      I t's anchors away on a new initiative to bring more tourism to Marquette.

      Friday morning, a few specially invited community members and business owners climbed aboard to get a sample of what a Marquette harbor cruise would look like, and the view spoke for itself.

      "It's so cool! It's a beautiful day, they couldn't have painted a better picture out here today," said Dennis Mingay, a passenger on the cruise. "It's in the 70s, slight breeze, spectacular."

      T he Isle Royal Queen III navigated a course through Lower Harbor, passed Presque Isle and up into Partridge Island.

      Friday's cruise is really a test run to work out any kinks, and if everything goes according to plan, the cruise will be open to the public next May.

      A fter purchasing and renovating the Isle Royal, Molly Carmody and her husband saw a new future for the 52-year-old boat.

      "I think it's always surprising to find out how many people have not seen our beautiful lakeshore in your very own town, from the water," said Carmody.

      T o get the project off the ground and into the water, Carmody collaborated with Peggy Frazier. Over the years, Frazier has built herself a reputation in the arts and culture of Marquette, and she now says it's time to expand the city's marketability.

      "Tourism is going to be a critical part of our economic growth, and Marquette harbor has such wonderful additions," explained Frazier. "To make this an animated and more economically viable area, we need to have more things for tourists to do."

      A nyone looking for more information is encouraged to contact the Marquette Chamber of Commerce.