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      Crystal Theatre brings back Art Deco era

      Walking into the historic theatre in Crystal Falls is like taking a step back into time. The building has been converted to a performing arts center. Those on the board are making sure they're preserving its original history.

      The theatre, originally constructed in 1927, was restored in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a venue for the performing arts. Original fixtures, backdrops, and seating create the sense of being in a classic Art Deco theatre.

      â??The restoration also included a theatre pipe organ, which the theatre actually originally had, so when you come in here, it feels like some time in 1927,â?? said manager Dave Wickerman. â??We actually have a wedding in the theatre on October 5,â?? said Rhonda Wickerman, manager. â??We have a local couple that wants to get married here, so we're excited about that,â?? Wickerman said. For more information on performances and how you can donate to the Crystal Theatre, visit their website here.