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      CTE Committee encourages students to consider vocational careers

      The Career Technical Education Committee is hoping educators make a bigger push towards giving students options for vocational careers.

      The group held a meeting Wednesday afternoon where they welcomed new members and discussed their goals for the coming school year. The CTE Committee says the future is bright for skilled positions like linemen, welders and auto mechanics.

      "So many kids get pushed into four year colleges when maybe they would be better served learning how to weld or fix cars or build houses," says CTE Committee Chair Stu Bradley. "We're trying to get kids when they're 12,13 years old and into the high school where they actually think about the other careers because you don't have student loans, you have a job when you get out, probably for the rest of your life if you keep up with your skills."

      The Career Technical Education Committee serves Marquette and Alger counties. The group is made up of 15 members representing a variety of industry in the Central Upper Peninsula