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      Cyber Monday kicks local business around the clock

      If you aren't a fan of long lines at the crack of dawn, Black Friday probably wasn't for you, but Monday, shoppers around the country logged online for discounts, all at their convenience.

      This year's Cyber Monday has record breaking numbers, and according to the Associated Press, it's on track to be the biggest online shopping day ever with a 24 percent increase from last year. They say $14 billion have been spent online this holiday season...a 16 percent increase. At Getz's in Marquette, they're working around the clock all this week.

      "People are expecting deals, people are expecting some bargains, but people are also expecting great service and getting things on time. You know, we are shipping things, and items are getting delivered this Thursday and Friday to people, and that's important. They don't have to worry about getting these items on time for Christmas," said Getz Internet Manager, John Spigarelli.

      He also says that they do more sales on Cyber Monday than the entire month of June, taking 1,200 to 1,400 orders Monday.