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      Cyber Monday soars

      Take door-buster deals without the crowds, add shopping anytime of the day, and you have a different kind of Black Friday.

      "Nobody's really wondering what Cyber Monday is anymore; it's a very common term now," said Jessica Glendon, project analyst at e-Loft.

      So common that retailers are offering even bigger and better discounts, and more and more shoppers are taking advantage of the deals. According to the National Retail Federation, 226 million shoppers visited online stores over the weekend; an increase from 212 million last year.

      Here in the U.P., the numbers have spoken. Take for example. A website with more than 65 U.P. vendors. It's had a 200 percent increase in traffic during the holidays.

      "We're doing fantastic with it," Glendon said. "We're noticing a vast growth with visits to the website, a vast growth with sales to the website."

      That vast growth has prompted a shopping epidemic.

      "Cyber Monday is extended throughout all of the Mondays in December now. The first Cyber Monday, of course, today, will be more than likely our biggest day of the year online," said John Spigarelli, vice president of marketing & e-commerce at Getz's in Marquette.

      Employees at Getz's in Marquette have been busy all day. In fact on Monday morning, they packed up more than 250 online orders, and over the weekend they shipped out more than eight overflowing bins. It's a booming business for the store with consumers logging on nationwide.

      But experts say consumers should be cautious while scanning sites for bargains. With a multitude of shoppers surfing the web, experts say Cyber Monday is here to stay.