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      Cyber security classes offered at Northern Michigan University

      Northern Michigan University will be holding a series of workshops on cyber security. The program will be geared towards juniors and seniors in high school and those considering a career change.

      Participants will have the chance to learn computer programming and get hands on experience in a lab.

      Organizers hope the workshop might spark an interest in the field.

      "It's one of those kinds of careers that, if you really enjoy problems and solving problems and getting into digging and fighting those kinds of issues, you can have fun and get paid a huge amount of salary for it," said Ken Culp, instructor of math and computer science at NMU.

      The class will take place July 29 through August 2. Each session will last about four hours. The cost of the class is $20.

      To register, contact The Seaborg Science Center via email: seaborg@nmu.edu or by calling (906) 227-2002