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      Cyberbullying: What parents need to know

      The prominence and anonymity of the internet has made it the preferred choice for bullying.

      Cyberbullying is a problem through out society, and a for students in K-12 schools, it's a life changing encounter.

      Students at Watersmeet township School learned what cyber-bullying is and how to handle it.

      "Basically, cyberbullying is happening anywhere kids are hanging out online. So all the great social media sites and online environments. In fact, we usually see the most cyberbullying occurring on the most popular sites, so you can expect that we see a lot of cyberbullying on Facebook through commenting or fake profiles or other hurtful comments or rumors being spread," said Co-Director for the Cyberbullying Research Center Justin Patchin.

      Students at Watersmeet Schools payed close attention when showed an emotional video clip of a teenager being cyberbullied.

      Cyberbullying is defined by the Cyberbullying Research Center as the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior.

      "Sometimes, it gets pretty gruesome. It's almost scary the things that they say. I'm glad I'm not a part of it, but I've witnessed it," said ninth grader Amanda Caron.

      According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, one in four teens will be cyberbullied in their lifetime, and females are usually more subject to cyberbullying than males.

      Dr. Patchin provided various options and tips to the students for different situations they may be in, such as the victim or friend of the victim, or even if they are the cyberbully.

      Keeping all of your information private was his main piece of advice.

      "The privacy settings was a good example, like if you just set it so your friends can see that stuff and only add your true friends that aren't going to say stuff about you online, stuff like that," said eighth grader Ronnie Peterson.

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