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      Dam ice dangers

      If you're venturing to Tourist Park in Marquette, the city fire department wants you to be careful near the lake.

      The lake may look iced over, but it could be unsafe. Officials say it's a moving body of water, and the water levels do fluctuate, so there could be a gap where the ice is weak which could break if you're on it.

      Officials say most people venturing on the ice are ice fisherman, but any person that does should still be precautious.

      "I think it's important, too, if you're unsure at all about the condition of the ice, stay off the ice," said Marquette City Fire Department Chief Tom Belt. "If you do proceed on the ice, do it, but use extreme caution. Probably the safest thing for people to do is stay off it."

      If you do go out on the ice, be careful. If you find yourself in an unsafe situation or witness anybody else in trouble while you're on or near the ice, call 911 for help.