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      Dance Camp? More like boot camp

      This year Iron Mountain Dance Crew, Iron Mountain High School, and Forest Park High School dance instructors teamed up to bring dance camp to their students.

      Instructor Katherine Trempe and staff believed it was the best way to get a leg up on the competition.

      â??Bringing something new, something clean, something funâ?|and we found MA Dance,â?? says Trempe.

      UP Dance captain Christina Pollard says when she found out, she was excited to slip on her dancing shoes for one-on-one time with professionals.

      â??They can teach us different styles of dance that we havenâ??t done here yet,â?? says Pollard.

      All the dance teams spend four days and over 30 hours learning seven different types of dance routines.

      â??This camp is definitely harder than the camp we went to last year,â?? says Forest Park captain Jon Curtis. â??Weâ??re learning two dances a day.â??

      Instructor Bridget Scheiner says despite sore feet, the teams continue to dance their day away learning as much as possible.

      â??You will get times where they get tired. It's kind of boot camp for dancers, but you know theyâ??re doing great. They have good attitudes,â?? says Scheiner.