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      Dancers reunite

      Dancing with the Stars Marquette County style couples reuniteD at 46 Degrees in Marquette Tuesday evening.

      The couples that captivated many with their journey through Dancing with the Stars Marquette County style leading up to the day of the competition reunited to celebrate.

      "Once we started to do it, it was really a lot of fun. High energy; we thought we could dazzle the crowd as best as we could. Just rolled right into a lot of adrenaline in front of the crowd and it was just great," said Phil Johnson, contestant.

      As many reminisced on the competition, they will also get the opportunity to see it all over again now that the DVD is available.

      Even though they all gathered to celebrate the DVD release, it's also an opportunity to see the impact they've had on the U.P. Home Health Hospice through raising around $35,000.

      "It's a great closure for us. It really was a great opportunity for all of us. We all brought back something from that evening and we also brought something to that evening that we all share, which is a memory, in some way, that hospice touched all of us," said Kay Angeli, contestant.

      The money raised through the competition is used mainly for those under hospice care and their Make a Memory program where the program finds ways to grant a wish for those under hospice care.

      "Through the miracle of technology, we can Skype this grandmother to the beach in Florida to be the maid of honor. Have a little celebration here at her residence in Marquette," said Jeff Nyquist, CEO.

      The evening was also full of laughs when the judges of the competition presented each couple with a funny certificate. Like Sandy Kivela who received the "Where's my partner? It's all about Sandy award."

      They're planning to do it all over again next May, and they hope to have the new contestants lined up this coming January.

      For more information on the DVD, click here