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      Dancing With The Stars lights up the stage

      After months rehearsal local celebrity's gave it their all on stage.

      A soldout crowd was at NMU Thursday evening enjoying the second annual Dancing With the Stars Marquette County Style.

      A night like non other where eight celebrity couples lit up the stage with their dance moves.

      Many challenging themselves with tricks they have never done before.

      "We got some cartwheels, some aerials, back flips, we have got it all incorporated into our dance along with your traditional turns that we had to learn how to do," said Monica Markvardsen, competitor.

      Each couple brought their own spark, attitude, and creativity to their dances. It sure paid off with an audience just itching to dance along.

      "It's just spectacular. That talent of the people, really inexperienced with dancing and where they have come in a couple of months of training and getting ready. The energy in the room is just fantastic," said Tony Erspamer, guest.

      When the couple's agreed to participate they embarked on a mission to also drum up financial support for the U.P. Home Health Hospice Foundation.

      "That experience that my family went through with my grandmother. Just that alone is very touching and the care that they provide. I'm delighted to be a part of this," said Jennifer Huetter, competitor.

      Tonight the event raised well over $60,000. That money goes straight to people in hospice care like Tony Germain's

      "I was surprised when they asked me to go with to Dancing With the Stars. They do such an excellent job of taking care of me," said Tony Germain.

      The support for this foundation and event has gotten so big tickets sold out in two days. So, they offered a live streaming venue for others to be a part of the action.

      The couple's finished the night with a group dance party that had visitors grooving as well.

      Andy and Stephanie Langlois took home the mirror ball trophy for with their Paso Doble. Phil and Britta Pennell won fan favorite.