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      Dangerous curve continues to trouble drivers

      Hundreds of motorists travel the main road directly connecting Marquette to the Sawyer and Gwinn area every day.

      The stretch of road commonly known as the Glasses Curve, about a mile south of Marquette Mountain, is sometimes problematic, especially in the wintertime.

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      Over the weekend, two Norway women, 49-year-old Diane Smith and 26-year-old Nicole Smith, were killed when the car they were in lost control on the icy road and collided with a car coming in the opposite direction.

      The preliminary investigation indicates that weather and road conditions were a factor in the crash.

      Officers that were on scene say while the car may not have been speeding, during poor weather, the speed limit may not always be the appropriate speed to travel.

      " can't accelerate as fast as normal, then odds are you're not going to be able to stop as fast as normal either, so you're going to have to slow down a little bit, be more cautious, especially in the area where curves are; if you know where the curves are and where there's pedestrian traffic," said Corporal Elmer Rinehart of the Marquette County Sheriff's office.

      The number of accidents in that area vary from year to year.

      Officers say those that travel the area often are usually more aware of the curve.