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      Dangerous drop offs

      The drop off zone at Gwinn High School is now considered a danger zone.

      "We've had cars weaving in and out of cars, using the crosswalk as a turn-around," said Superintendent Kim Tufnell.

      Because of safety concerns, school officials have asked parents to drop their children off in the back parking lot instead of the front, but it's not happening.

      No one without a parking pass is allowed to enter the front lot during drop off times, but parents are doing it anyway.

      "Kids come here and they think that this is a safe place, and we want to keep them safe. They're not afraid of the buses and they come running out and thinking that they can just jump on the bus. And if cars are weaving in and out, there's going to be an accident soon, and that's what we're trying to avoid," Tufnell added.

      Gwinn bus driver Kitty Anderson's daughter was hit by a car in a similar area in Chicago. And now, it's her mission to make these drop off zones safe.

      "I don't want to be that bus driver who hits a kid. Those kids, they trust us. They're not scared of our school buses. We've made them very secure and safe. They're really comfortable going, 'Hey Miss Kitty.' and running up to us," said Anderson.

      Anderson is now teaming up with the school board and the transportation director to try to make the driveway safer for students.