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      D.A.R.E. graduates honored

      Negaunee's Lakeview Elementary held a graduation ceremony for students completing the D.A.R.E. program Tuesday. Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a program that teaches kids ways to handle peer pressure.

      The program also informs the students of the dangers of drug, alcohol and tobacco use. Students are also asked to write an essay that explains what the program means to them.

      "The best part about D.A.R.E. for me is to watch children who feel a little bit shy and unsure of how to say 'no' to the peer pressures of the world, they feel very empowered, they feel very strong about their beliefs," said Lakeview Elementary Principal Julie Peterson.

      The theme for the graduation ceremony was "together we can make a difference". The school also honored the fifth grade graduates who demonstrated good character throughout the school year.