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      Daredevils try to ski over ice cold puddle

      Every year Marquette Mountain holds Spring Carnival, and one of the most exciting events is Slush Cup.

      With an pool of ice cold water at the bottom of the hill, skiers and snowboarders tried their best to jump over it.

      Some did not make it, but every once in a while someone did, and when that happened, the crowd cheered with excitement.

      "I was really cold at first and I couldn't really move, but it wasn't that bad," said Matt Duhame, skier.

      "This is my favorite weekend of the whole winter. I'm still pretty surprised that I made it and I'm happy that I didn't get in the cold water. I'm happy I didn't fall on my face," said Sierra Dox, skier.

      For those that did fall, Marquette Mountain staff helped them out of the water.