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      Daughter admits sending Meni dirty Dora the Explorer pictures

      Photo from the William Meni trial

      "I would have never sent them if I thought it would go this far," testified Alicia Meni, the 25-year-old daughter of William Meni.

      William Meni, 44, faces eight counts of criminal sexual conduct for alleged sexual assault with three victims, two 5 year ods and a 7 year old that first occurred 18 years ago. The daughter told the court her friend sent her the pornographic photos of Dora the Explorer which she then sent to her father because she thought the images "were funny."

      Alicia, first to the stand, described her dad as her "best friend," adding he was always around on holidays and never did anything inappropriate.

      "I got yelled at for wearing my robe around the house," Alicia stated.

      "What ages were they?" asked Defense Attorney Derek Swajanen.

      "Twenty to twenty four," the daughter responded.

      In court, the daughter told the jury she did not believe the accusations against her father. She testified to observing her father with multiple children, including her own daughter, and never had any problems.

      "You said everything on his phone you sent him?" asked Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wiese. "Were you aware of a photo of a little girl with a t-shirt and an inappropriate message on it?"

      "I've sent him so many things, so it probably came from me," the daughter answered.

      The prosecutor questioned how the witness believed pornographic depictions of Dora the Explorer were funny or amusing. The daughter said her dislike of the cartoon resulted in her finding anything of Dora to be comical.

      The prosecutor argued as much as he hates Barney, he wouldn't think pornographic photos would be amusing.

      "If I saw a photo of Barney in a bikini, I would find it amusing," Alicia stated. "I guess we have different senses of humor."

      The daughter testified to sending her father a lot of pictures including one of Santa Claus with his "genitals" exposed and one of female genitals that she described as looking like "scary faces," all for humor.

      "I think I've even sent him pictures of Mickey Mouse giving the middle finger," Alicia added.

      Kathy Washburn, the second witness and girlfriend of Meni, said she never discovered Meni with any pornographic material. She also testified that her children "loved" the defendant, and she never had any concern. She testified that she hasn't seen the Dora the Explorer photos, but said she had received several other dirty cartoon images from the defendant's daughter, Alicia Meni.

      Rena Yelle, the ex-wife of Meni, was third to the stand. She is the mother to the first witness, Alicia Meni. The couple got divorced around 1990. She testified in court that she sees him "often" and describes him as an "awesome father."

      "He's probably the best dad they've ever had. He's always been there for them and me all these years when I've needed him," stated Yelle.

      Following their divorce and a new relationship, she said he often came to Pittsburgh, where she resided, to visit his children.

      Several other witnesses took the stand, including ones who grew up with him throughout their childhood. All said they never witnessed any inappropriate sexual conduct from Meni verbally or physically.

      One even recounted the defendant telling others to not use inappropriate language around children. The witnesses all testified to Meni watching their children.

      When questioned about pornographic photos of Dora the Explorer by the prosecutor, all responded they were unaware of them, but still trust their own children in the care of Meni.

      TV6's Beth Cefalu will continue to follow the trial on Wednesday and will have video and information from the courtroom on the TV6 Early News at 6 p.m.