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      Daughter to uphold family art legacy

      After 40 years of showing their artwork at Art On The Rocks, the Risaks have decided to pass the torch along to their daughter.

      Ed and Julie Risak entered their unique pottery into Art On The Rocks for the past four decades. This year will be the couple's last, and next year their daughter's first.

      Ed and Julie have decided to focus their time and energy on the family-owned gallery near Presque Isle instead.

      Their daughter, Thea, is graduating from Northern Michigan University in December with a Ceramics Degree. The 24 year old will uphold her parents' legacy at Art On The Rocks.

      "We decided, her and I and my wife, to pass the torch on about how to fire our pots using our glaze. She's become quite proficient at it," said Ed Risak.

      "It's an amazing feeling. I actually sold my first piece I think when I was 15, and that's kind of what got me into art shows and showing my work," said Thea Risak.

      Thea will continue to learn the specialized technique called "racku," the art of quick firing and quick cooling pottery.