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      Day 2 of the Hiawatha Music Festival had people dancing and moving around

      Day two of the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival has come to a close. Saturday many people sat around the main stage enjoying the sounds of numerous bands including the band that kicked everything off on Friday, Run Boy Run. Other people attended workshops like the Blues Workshop or headed over to the Jammin Tent to have fun with the drum circle. There were plenty of others out and about enjoying all of the other activities and then some.

      "I'm always telling people to check this festival out, it's a little hidden gem I think. I go to other ones that are a lot bigger, but this one just has a lot to offer," said Kevin Murphy from Grand Rapids.

      The festival attracted a wide range of people, with some of them coming all the way from the west coast and even other countries. There is still one more chance to check the festival out on Sunday.