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      Day three of trapper convention still going strong

      The 55th annual National Trappers Convention has brought thousands of people to Escanaba since it started on Thursday and Saturday was no different.

      Even though it is small, the trapping community is a strong one. Nearly 8,000 people are at the convention this year to check out almost 600 vendors, games and demonstrations.

      "There is so much to see it is hard to take it all inâ?? said Mike Kienitz, a vendor at the convention. â??You see more new products and that is always cool because you get to see newer things coming out onto the market.â??

      Vendors come from all over the country to showcase the latest in trapping supplies.

      â??It is cool to see another new innovationâ?? said Kienitz. â??It is all about innovation in this business and that is why we are all here.â??

      The convention also gave guests the chance to share their trapping stories.

      â??If you walk around and listen to a lot of the guys talking there are a lot of stories being shared around the conventionâ?? said Chance Caylor, a vendor from Blue Ridge Outdoors Trapping Supplies from Virginia. â??Kind of like fishing stories, some of them you can believe, some of them you shouldn't. But it does, it really brings everyone together and everyone gets along here and it is a good time."

      The convention is great for drawing attention to the lesser known sport.

      "It brings the whole community togetherâ?? said Caylor. â??There is this lady down there selling quilts, the taxidermist people are here, people selling hunting supplies. Again, this community just brings everybody in."

      The convention concludes Sunday at noon.