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      Day two in Martz trial

      It was day two in the trial of a Michigamme man charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct, resisting arrest and unlawful imprisonment.

      Calvin Martz, 63, is accused of raping the daughter of Karen Kirby, his live-in companion. He also refused to come out of his house in May, when police arrived, looking for the alleged victim.

      On Tuesday, that person testified that Martz held her against her will and sexually assaulted her multiple times.

      The alleged victim on the stand said Martz had considered her to be his wife since she was 14 years old. She said the incident in question started when she went to visit her mother, Karen Kirby, on the second of May. Kirby and Martz shared a home.

      Martz told her she wasn't allowed to leave, with Martz saying, "You're going to stick to me like glue."

      Martz attempted to question the credibility of the victim's testimony saying she suffered from hallucinations in the past.

      The prosecution and defense both rested on Tuesday, and closing arguments take place on Wednesday morning with jury deliberations to follow.