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      Day two in trial for man involved in fatal semi accident

      The logging truck driver allegedly involved in the death of two Escanaba residents was on trial for the second day. Harley Durocher is facing six 15-year felonies.

      The 25-year-old Harley Durocher of Gwinn allegedly hit and killed Thomas and Barbra Swift, both 73, last March.

      Also injured in the crash was Joyce Scheriff of Gladstone.

      â??I had five fractured ribs and a fractured sternum,â?? said Scheriff.

      Durocher was not injured in the collision.

      The collision happened in Gladstone at the US 2 & 41 and South Hill intersection.

      He was allegedly driving on a suspended license with marijuana in his system.

      According to the defense, Durocher blew his horn as he ran the red light, when his brakes failed.

      Michigan State Police crash reconstruction specialist John Bruno said the brakes were at 50% efficiency, but said that did not prevent him from stopping.

      â??If he began to perceive and react when the light turned yellow and if he applied full brakeage he would stop approximately 413 feet short of the intersection,â?? said Bruno.

      Durocher is charged with two counts of the following: operating with a suspended license causing death, reckless driving causing death, and operating with the presence of a controlled substance causing death.

      His trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday at 8 a.m.