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      DCH opens wound healing clinic

      Dickinson County Memorial Hospital welcomed a new addition Friday. There was a ribbon cutting event for the new clinic on the hospital's campus.

      Medical personnel gathered to welcome the new clinic that staff believes will provide their patients with maximum quality care.

      â??If we could provide a service that is a valued service to the community, we really need to strive to do so,â?? says John Schon, CEO of Dickinson County Healthcare.

      CT section head Don Dumke says with the purchase of a new CT, or computer tomography scanner, they're able to determine the size, location and composition of kidney stones. The best enhancement is that patients receive a lower exposure to radiation due to the quick scanning capabilities.

      â??The images go to the radiologist. Instantaneously they can actually see what you're scanning within seconds,â?? says Dumke.

      Another highlight of the new facility is the wound healing and hyperbaric medicine center. Hyperbaric medicine delivers 100 percent concentrated oxygen to patients in a pressurized chamber.

      â??Even if you have very little blood flow, it can still get oxygen to your tissues so that the tissue itself can heal and can actually survive,â?? says Philip Miziniak, Program Manager of the Wound Healing Center.

      Staff believe their latest medical technology will help them breathe new life into the health care of their patients.

      Anyone interested in seeing the new facility, medical staff welcome you to their open house on Sunday, June 10 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. central.