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      DDA Discusses Farmer's Market Changes

      Tensions were high at the the Downtown Development Authority's monthly meeting when local residents raised concerns about future changes in regulations for the Marquette Downtown Farmer's Market.

      Current regulations require vendors to be residents of the UP and only sell locally grown produce. These regulations have been in place since before the DDA took over the farmer's market in 2009. Local vendors are concerned that this may soon change, leaving them to compete with larger, outside retailers.

      DDA board members say they are working to expand the farmer's market to accommodate the increasingly large amount of applicants every season. Board Chair, Christine Pesola says, "The DDA is very supportive of the market, we actually love the farmer's market. We are trying to put together a task force with representation from consumers, farmers, vendors and business owners as well to evaluate the market and see how we can keep it successful going forward."

      The Downtown Development Authority will wait until the end of the season to review regulations for changes.