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      Dead River gets new life

      The Marquette Board of Light and Power is moving forward with the $4.8 million project to restore the Dead River area. The BLP released more than 2,000 small mouth bass into the Dead River. The hope is that they will become the dominate fish species in the river as different types of fish are added in later years. The project is an effort to make the area even better than it was before the flood in 2003.

      "What the Board of Light and Power is trying to establish here is something that, once this project is complete, the community can really be proud of so, hopefully, someone's watching this tonight and says, 'You know what? I'm going to pack some sandwiches and a couple of sodas in the cooler, I'm going to grab my little girl and my little boy, and we're going to go down and sit on that river bank and see if we can catch some of those small mouth bass,'" said Project Manager Erik Booth.

      The Board of Light and Power is also working to complete a dam that will be finished in the fall. Other species of fish will be introduced after the small mouth bass have time to mature.