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      Deadline passes for Upper Michigan candidates

      The filing deadline for candidates to file was 4 p.m. Tuesday, and this year voters will have quite a few options on the ballot.

      The big state and federal seats are up for grabs in Upper Michigan, including state representative and senator positions along with a seat in congress.

      Below is a list of each state and federal race, along with each county's current list of candidates running for county boards or city commissions. The list is still being updated as information comes in.

      Governor:(R) Rick Snyder(D) Mark Schauer

      US Senator:(R) Terri Lynn Land(D) Gary Peters

      1st District Representative:(R) Dan Benishek(R) Alan Arcand(D) Jerry Cannon

      108th State Representative:(R) Ed McBroom(D) Grant Carlson(D) Justin Zirkle

      109th State Representative:(D) John Kivela(R) Pete Mackin

      110th State Representative:(D) Scott Dianda(R) Bob Michaels

      94th District Court Judge:John EconomopoulosSteve ParksTrenton Stupak

      Alger County Board:

      District 1:(D) Catherine Pullen

      District 2:(D) Joseph P. VanLandschoot

      District 3:(D) Esley M. Mattson

      District 4:(D) Jerry Doucette

      District 5:(D) Mickey G. Rondeau

      Baraga County Board:

      District 1:(R) Gale W. Eilola

      District 2:(D) Michael Koskinen

      District 3:(D) Patrick Reilley

      District 4:(D) William Menge(R) Calvin R. Koski

      District 5:(D) William C. Rolof

      Chippewa County Board:

      District 1:(R) Scott Shackleton(R) John Sawruk

      District 2:(R) Francis King(D) Jim Martin(D) Danny Sarns

      District 3:(D) Don McLean

      District 4:(R) James Traynor(D) Ted Postula(R) Jerald Campbell

      District 5:(R) George Kinsella(D) Gary McDowell(R) Raymond E. Johnson

      Delta County Board:

      District 1:(D) Thomas C. Elegeert(D) John C. Malnar

      District 2:(R) Patrick Dean Johnson(D) Maria K. Maniaci

      District 3:(D) Mary K. Harrington

      District 4:(D) David J. Moyle

      District 5:(D) David J. Rivard(R) Robert W. Barron

      Dickinson County Board:

      District 1:(R) Joe Stevens

      District 2:(R) Ann Martin(D) Pamela Maule

      District 3:(R) Barb Kramer(D) Dolly Cook

      District 4:(R) Henry Wender(R) Mary VanOss(R) Wallace Townsend

      District 5:(D) John P. Degenaer Jr.

      Gogebic County Board:

      District 1:(D) Leroy Kangas

      District 2:(D) Tom Laabs(D) Dave Ramme

      District 3:(D) James D. Oliver

      District 4:(D) Jeffrey R. Wasley

      District 5:(D) Joe Bonovetz

      District 6:(D) Bob Orlich(D) Don Pezzetti

      District 7:(D) George R. Peterson III

      Houghton County Board:

      District 1:(R) Tom Tikkanen(R) Eugene Londo(D) Rick Kasprzak

      District 2:(R) Albert Koskela

      District 3:(D) Anton J. Pintar(R) Mark Kemppainen

      District 4:(D) Scott K. Ala

      District 5:(R) Tim Palosaari

      Iron County Board:

      District 1:(D) Patti Peretto(D) Mark Polley

      District 2:(D) James Regis Brennan

      District 3:No Candidate

      District 4:(D) Raymond Kudwa(D) Sharon Leonoff(D) Ernest Martyn Ness

      District 5:No Candidate

      Keweenaw County Board:

      District 1:(D) Donald Piche

      District 2:(D) Raymond E. Chase

      District 3:(R) Del Rajala

      District 4:(D) Frank W. Stubenrauch

      District 5:(D) Randy L. Eckloff

      Keweenaw County Road Commissioner:(D) Gordon J. Jaaskelainen(D) Rochard Schaefer

      Luce County Board:

      District 1:(R) Michael Jago(R) Nancy Morrinson

      District 2:(R) Michael Herbst

      District 3:(R) Rita Lemanek

      District 4:(R) Kenneth Gill(R) James Depew

      District 5:(R) Ronald Ford

      Mackinac County Board:

      District 1:(R) Jill Hill

      District 2:(D) Lawrence H. Leveille

      District 3:(D) David D. Sudol

      District 4:(R) Diane Patrick

      District 5:(D) Calvin Bucky McPhee(R) Daniel J. Litzner

      Marquette County Board:

      District 1:(D) Steve Pence(D) John DePetro(R) Daniel R. Everson

      District 2:(D) Joseph Derocha(R) Justin Carlson

      District 3:(D) Bruce Heikkila(D) Jason Schneider

      District 4:(D) Gerry Corkin(R) Keith L. LaCosse

      District 5:(D) Bill Nordeen(R) Bob Struck

      District 6:(D) Karen L. Alholm(D) Erik Booth(D) Dwight Brady(D) Randall L. Yelle(R) Mark Curran(R) Nick Smaby

      Marquette City Commission:Thomas BaldiniBrice BurgeMike ConleyPeter White FrazierCraig MillerAdam RobargeJesse Schramm

      Menominee County Board:

      District 1:No Candidates

      District 2:(D) Bernie Lang(R) Leon Felch

      District 3:(R) James Furlong

      District 4:(R) Larry Schei

      District 5:No Candidates

      District 6:(R) Charlie Meintz

      District 7:(R) Gerald L. Piche

      District 8:(R) Jan Hafeman

      District 9:(D) John R. Nelson

      Ontonagon County Board:

      District 1:(D) John Cane

      District 2:(I) Incumbent

      District 3:(D) John Pelkola

      District 4:(D) Carl Nynanen

      District 5:No Candidate

      Schoolcraft County Board:

      District 1:(R) Craig A. Reiter(D) Jerry L. Glasscock

      District 2:(D) Susan Cameron(R) Jacob P. Swisher(R) Devin Lawrence(R) Allan Ott

      District 3:(R) Larry Franklin Mersnick(D) Gary L. Demers

      District 4:(R) Isaac R. Swisher(D) Gerald L. Zellar

      District 5:(R) Daniel LaFoille Sr.(D) Patrick V. Carley