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      Deadlocked jury in ATM trial

      It was a deadlocked jury which ended in a mistrial in the case against 20-year-old Gordon Lewis.

      Lewis was accused of breaking into an ATM machine at Miners State Bank in South Range.

      From the outside looking in, it seemed like the case would have a quick verdict, but the jury proved otherwise. They deliberated for 7 hours, and in the end, the 12 jurors couldn't all agree on a verdict.

      The trial lasted three days and multiple witnesses took the stand including Lewis and Paden Rothenberger who were there the night of the crime.

      The jury asked to see bank surveillance footage of the alleged break-in. They then continued deliberating but came back into the courtroom a couple of hours later, saying they could not reach a unanimous decision.

      â??I think the evidence went in fairly well. There were certain questions the jury had on one regard, particularly with credibility of witnesses. That's something that jurors evaluate individually that we can't always account for,â?? said Houghton County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Makinen.

      Makinen says theyâ??ll have to review the evidence again and address some of the jurors' concerns before they even consider a retrial.

      Lewis does have a separate case pending in regards to a larceny charge.