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      Debate over heart screening of high school athletes continues

      The debate is ongoing about whether or not high school athletes should be tested for heart conditions during preseason physicals.

      An estimated 2,000 people under 25 die from cardiac arrest every year, and many of those are high school athletes. Preexisting heart conditions could be found with an EKG test, or an electrocardiogram, during routine sports physicals.

      "I think it's important to always be looking ahead for how we can protect our children to encourage them to be involved in sports, cause we want them to be more active," says Arizona Cardinal Jay Feely. "We need our kids to be more active, that's one of the greatest problems we have in our country, but we also need them to be safe when they go and do those activities."

      Professional and college-level teams test for heart problems during physicals, but an EKG test can be expensive so it's rarely done at the high school level.