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      Debbie Stabenow: The Candidate

      Debbie Stabenow does not need the third time to be the charm, but the two-term U.S. Senator is not taking anything for granted during this campaign.

      "I know what we've been through, I know what middle class families have gone through, and for me it's about making sure middle class families and seniors get a fair shot," said Stabenow.

      Stabenow was born and raised in lower Michigan. After serving two terms as a U.S. Representative, she was elected to the Senate in 2001. During her time in office, Stabenow says she's seen Michigan residents fight through the hardest of times.

      "We've been hit harder, deeper, longer than any place else in the country, but we didn't give up," Stabenow said. "The auto industry didn't give up; a whole lot of people sacrificed for that, and our farmers certainly don't give up."

      Stabenow serves as chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee, a position she's highlighted frequently in her campaign.

      Along with her "Make it Michigan" push, she's also sought the support of veterans.

      "I've made it a priority for me, particularly on veterans' health care, to make sure we've had out-patient health care clinics all around the state so folks don't have to drive three or four hours," Stabenow said.

      Stabenow received a ringing endorsement from a group of veterans in Marquette recently who volunteered to cut a radio commercial for her.

      "She's improved health care for vets, she's improved the Iron Mountain health facility," said Jim Alderson, a veteran featured in the Stabenow ad. "When she's taking care of things, looking out for her people, then we should look after her."

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