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      Deck the mall

      Now that the holiday season is in full swing, many are decking their halls with decorations including the Midtown Mall in Iron Mountain. Every year the Midtown Mall has students from the surrounding community come and volunteer their time to paint the mall windows with a Christmas theme. For the past three years, North Dickinson students and staff have been more than happy to participate.

      "I love art, I like to draw, I color a lot of stuff. At home one of my pasttimes is drawing," said 11th grader, Abigail Reimer.

      "We think it's good for the kids because it lets them express themselves creatively. It's something that they feel important that they're invited to do, and they can show off their work, and it shows how responsible and what good kids they are," said AmeriCorps volunteer, Rebecca Nord.

      Twenty high school students from North Dickinson are participating, and staff say it'll take them around 10 hours to complete all the work.