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      Decorative cake contest at library

      It was a cake decorating contest at the Peter White Public Library Saturday. The event is in its third year and this year the library chose a literary theme.

      Along with the cakes was a very talented seventh grader on the piano offering some subtle tunes for those in attendance.

      Over 15 different cakes were on display with some of the talented decorators featuring their favorite books.

      People got a chance to look at the cakes and vote for their favorite. The contest was broken up into three different categories which included adults, professionals, and youth.

      Kendall Prus was one of the decorators who entered her cake into the contest.

      "It has a spider with a cobweb. It has two figurines and it has two kids on it. I think they're really awesome and cool," said Kendell Prus, cake decorator.

      After the event, people got a chance taste the cakes.