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      Decorative fence sparks controversy

      Every year, a local family decorates their property to the nines for the holidays. This year, one issue may force them to take their award-winning decorations down.

      The City of Marquette has asked the homeowners to move back a temporary wooden fence they've put up in their yard. Owner Thomas Beard said he built the fence to keep the Christmas lights on. City officials said the fence is in violation of the city's policies concerning 'Right of Way.'

      Zoning codes require a five-foot distance between the street and property fences to allow for utility work, maintenance, plowing and other city roadwork.

      "We started this fencing and decorations in the first week of November, went right along, nobody said a word until Wednesday, and now it has to be taken down," said homeowner Thomas Beard. "And if we have to do that, then it's over for Christmas, we won't have enough time."

      City Manager Bill Vajda said the city is working to resolve the issue and avoid any fines for the family.