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      Deer, beer and healthy eats

      If you hadn't heard, the highly anticipated deer season gets underway this Sunday, and if you're a hunter heading out to camp, you may soon be making a trip to the grocery store to stock up on all the necessities.

      After all, deer season is all about the camaraderie and the camping. Wives, don't let your husbands fool you: this weekend, they will not be sticking to their soy milk and margarine diets. This weekend is about beer and brats and bull's-eyes.

      "Deer hunters have got to come and get their grub for camp. You know, they're all filing in, getting their canned goods, meat, beer, deer bait, whatever they need, we got it here," said Dustin Gransinger, Store Manager of Jubilee Foods in Ishpeming.

      Some shoppers struggle sometimes to find what they're looking for. Guilty as charged, some may only stroll through the supermarket on special occasions.

      "You can usually count on seeing them once a year, and that's deer season. It's just kind of fun to watch them run around the store looking for stuff," Gransinger added.

      And the first week of deer season is big for the folks at Jubilee Foods, too. Their check-out counters back up, and the steaks fly from the shelves almost faster than they can restock them.

      "4th of July, Christmas, holiday weeks, it's right there with them. Like I said, it's one of the biggest weeks of the year for us," Gransinger explained.

      Jubilee Foods in Ishpeming is also hosting its annual free deer hunters breakfast this week. On Friday morning, anyone is welcome to stop by between 8-11 a.m. for free pancakes, sausage and coffee before heading off to camp.