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      Deer Lake cleanup project reaches completion

      Deer Lake cleanup project reaches completion.

      The Environmental Protection Agency announced the completion of an $8 million project to prevent mercury contamination from reaching Deer Lake.

      The project, funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, was concluded on Tuesday in an announcement by Great Lakes National Program Manager Susan Hedman and Ishpeming Mayor Mike Tall.

      "This Great Lakes Restoration Initiative project has stopped the flow of mercury-contaminated water into Deer Lake and the southern Lake Superior watershed," said Hedman. "Now we will work with the City of Ishpeming and the State of Michigan to 'delist' the Deer Lake Area of Concern - perhaps as early as next year."

      Deer Lake is one of 43 Areas of Concern in the Great Lakes region. The areas were designated in 1987 by the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and since then only two Areas of Concern have been removed from the list of sites.

      "This project will be a great addition to the entryway to the city, will provide the environmental improvements targeted for Deer Lake, and improve the quality of life by providing additional access to the creek," added Mayor Tall.

      More information on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative can be found here.