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      Defendant in drug trial gets new attorney

      Former owner of Backroom multi-entertainment in Houghton, Michael Jestila, appeared in the Houghton County Circuit Court on Monday for his pretrial.

      Jestila appeared in court with a different attorney. No information was given as to why Jestila was given a new attorney.

      TV6 contacted his former attorney; however, we have not received a response. Jestila's new attorney, David Gemignani, requested the court be adjourned to give him time to review the facts of the case.

      â??Given the complexity of the legal issues, the chemical issues, the scientific issues here, between now and then, I probably will be filing a motion to adjourn this to educate myself on those issues,â?? said Gemignani. The judge said Jestila's trial is still scheduled for January 20 until a motion is filed for the trial to be moved to a later date.

      The 46-year-old man is charged with three counts of felony drug possession after the Houghton Police Department confiscated 61 packets of bath salts from his store last December.