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      Defense rests in Ishpeming self defense murder trial

      Jack Carpenter in court, charged with the murder of David Meyer

      It was the fourth day in the murder trial of a 52-year-old Jack Carpenter. The defense started and rested their case Monday, calling four witnesses to testify.

      Carpenter did not take the stand in his own defense.

      The trial started last week. Carpenter is facing murder charges in the shooting and death of David Meyer. The defense claims Carpenter was defending himself against Meyer while the prosecution said it was murder.

      The witnesses who took the stand were asked about Justin Saari's credibility.

      Saari testified for the prosecution last week, admitting he saw Jack Carpenter shoot David Meyer.

      Witnesses were also asked about David Meyer's character.

      "Do you recall any conversation with Jack about his gun," asked the defense.

      "Yes, David told me that Jack had just gotten his gun back, did I want to see it and both of them had held it, and he asked me if I wanted to hold it and showed it to me, and I said no," said Kristen Leach.

      Kristen Leach was called to the stand. Leach was the former girlfriend and mother of David Meyer's two children.

      "Most of the time David was a great father and a really caring person, but every once in a while, he'd lose his temper," said Kristen Leach.

      "One time he was holding a buck knife in his hand and said he's going to gut himself and you. Right?" the defense asked.

      "Yes," Leach replied.

      While in court, Leach said she filed three personal protection orders against Meyer.

      When questioned by the prosecutor during rebuttal about her relationship with Meyer, Leach said it was turbulent.

      "Was it always him or did it go both ways?" asked the prosecutor.

      "It was both of us," Leach replied.

      Also on the stand was an undercover officer trained in identifying and understanding the components of meth. The officer testified there were 12 incidents of Justin Saari being involved with meth.

      Saari's mother and sister also testified.

      "His credibility goes down when he gets high?" the defense asked.

      "Yes," said Carol Bunce, Saari's mother.

      "And he lies?" the defense asked.

      "Yes," Bunce replied.

      Saari's sister, Jessica Saari, also testified and said, "When Justin was sober, he was fairly, in my opinion, truthful; it's when he was on the drugs, that's when he was very questionable."

      Closing arguments will start Tuesday morning, and the jury could start deliberating around noon.