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      Delta Animal Shelter looks for new location

      The Delta Animal Shelter Board of Directors has voted to relocate. Monday night they said they're looking for new property for the shelter building for two reasons.

      They've been dealing with a significant mold issue in the animal shelter for over a year, and there's a lack of appropriate housing space for the animals. The shelter rents the building from the county and no agreement has yet been made on how to fix the mold issue.

      Shelter Manager Sue Gartland says she'd like to see more of an adoptable center instead of an animal pound setting, which the facility was built to be.

      "This is the beginning stage of looking, so if anybody does have a piece of property that they're interested in selling or donating to us, they can contact the shelter," said Gartland.

      The shelter will stay where it is until there's an alternative location in which to move.