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      Delta County beach clean up

      For the last year and a half, Delta County Park officials have been applying for DEQ and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits that were needed to improve park beach areas. Just over two weeks ago, they finally received the permits. Construction crews at O.B. Fuller Park campground are hauling in good, clean sand, tripling the size of the beach and moving all of the tall shoreline grass. They're also mucking algae out, and officials say they hope to have one of the nicest sand beaches in any of the parks in Upper Michigan.

      "The one thing that they're really going to enjoy is this beach. We do have a playground fund, also, that we have started for some new playground equipment here. The other thing we did here is we expanded 19 new sites in the Fuller Park," said Delta County's Park Manager, Stephen Wery.

      Everything is leveled off with the beach on the waters of the bay of Green Bay.