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      Delta County Canathon donations increase from last year

      The Delta County Canathon kicked off Monday at nine a.m. and as of six p.m. Wednesday, it officially wrapped up. Despite the tough economic times, the community has come out in full force at the various Delta County locations to donate. Officials say they've seen an increase in donations from last year.

      For the past three days, people have donated at Elmerâ??s County Market, Super One in Escanaba, and Super Value in Gladstone. St. Vincent and Salvation Army officials are still tabulating the amount of money and food donated through the TV6 Canathon. But so far, Salvation Army officials have taken in about 2,300 pounds of food in the past three days. That's 300 or 400 pounds more than last year.

      â??It's amazing, the number of people who're still coming to us for assistance,â?? says Major Ralph Hansen of Salvation Army. â??The economy here still isn't really all that great. We have a lot of unemployed people."

      Major Hansen says he estimates that by the time the Canathon is done, Salvation Army will have around 2,600 pounds of food.

      On-air personalities from WYKX 104.7 were out supporting the cause as well.

      â??I love it. Theyâ??ve been coming out to say hi to us,â?? says WYKX personality, Mike Flavor. â??They've been coming out donating and bringing canned goods. Itâ??s really good to know that the people that you entertain every day come out and help in times like this."

      Despite the Thanksgiving eve rush, the community has been very generous.

      â??You know, times are tough for everybody, and I realize that. But sometimes just a dollar will go a very long way. And I know with the economy the way it is, the job market the way it is, it affects so many people. But just one dollar from everybody can really make a difference," says Flavor.

      Charity officials agree and say the Delta County community always comes through when the need is there.