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      Delta County makes decision about concealed pistol licenses

      UPDATE: The Delta County Concealed Pistol Licensing Board made a decision Wednesday morning regarding the concealed pistol course recently brought into question. The board determined that training provided by James Peacock of Superior Weapons did meet the criteria of Michigan laws. The certificates of completion issued by him in Delta County prior to October 15, 2013 are valid, and concealed pistol licenses issued in Delta County pursuant to those certificates remain valid.


      The right to bear arms is very important to Susie Polaske of Iron Mountain.

      â??Iâ??m a firm believer in the second amendment. Iâ??m a single person, and I want to be able to protect myself,â?? Polaske said.

      She received her concealed pistol license training in February of 2012 in Delta County.

      â??I went through Superior Weapons and passed the course, got my certification, and got my CPL,â?? Polaske said.

      But on November 19, she was contacted by the Dickinson County Clerk who notified her that her certification was not proper, so Susie started asking questions. According to her certificate, the course was an â??NRA Personal Protection Inside the Homeâ?? course. However, after she was contacted by Dickinson County, she found out the certificate was not an original NRA document, nor were any of the materials she received.

      â??All the paperwork was either photocopied or random pamphlets that you could have just picked up anywhere free of charge,â?? Polaske said. â??I did contact Superior Weapons because of all this, and asked them if this was true; they said no it was not true, itâ??s going to all blow over,â?? Polaske said.

      According to Michigan law, the course has to be certified by the state, or a national or state firearms training organization. The course was advertised as an NRA-approved course, but Susan believes since no official NRA materials were used, it wasn't.

      â??They provided a course for us that was not a certified course in the State of Michigan,â?? Polaske said.

      Thatâ??s when Dickinson County got involved, after they found out the instructorâ??s certification was revoked.

      â??On October 15, they did suspend his certification to do that course, and after contacting the NRA, we started investigating that end of it,â?? said Dickinson County Sheriff, Scott Celello.