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      Delta Manufacturing works for the Upper Peninsula

      Delta Manufacturing of Escanaba exports their goods worldwide and are anticipating the release of a new product early this summer.

      Delta Manufacturing of Escanaba was established in 2006. They manufacture gear cases and portable Computer Numerically Controlled wheel lathes for locomotives. These portable lathes are used for locomotive wheel truing and reprofiling flat spots on wheels.

      Company officials say these lathes are safer than the prior method because the computer allows the operators to be removed from the locomotive and its hot shavings. Their CNC lathes have two national patents and an international one pending.

      "Our machine you take right to the locomotive,â?? said Steve Coble, Assistant Plant Manager at Delta Manufacturing. â??It can be an emergency situation, it can be out in the field, it can be in the shop, it can be done anywhere. There are no boundaries that we have not been able to conquer on this machine."

      This summer, Delta Manufacturing will be introducing a new line, however, they were unable to give us product details at this time.

      "Right now it's in developing stages and we're just really excited about it," said Jean Ross, President of Delta Manufacturing.

      Tim Coble, Delta Manufacturing Plant Manager said, â??It's focusing on the passenger end of the market as well as the freight end which is definitely going to expand our market and our employees."

      As a company whose business is mainly outside of the U.P. and even county, Delta Manufacturing officials feel they contribute to the local economy by bringing in fresh money to the Upper Peninsula.

      For more information, visit Delta Manufacturingâ??s website.